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Pinner, U.K

COLLEGE LIFE! A part of it certainly calls for new friends, canteen gossips, after college parties and long drives. Did the last term infused an additional excitement in you? Of course, yes. The same happened with me last year when I passed out high school and got admission in University of Cambridge. Being the only son of my parents, I had always received whatever I desired for and getting a brand new car as a gift from dad was certainly hassle free. But there was just a single concern that extinguished all my excitement of college long drives. Which driving school shall be the perfect for a non driver like me?
My neighbor had the solution for me thankfully. He recommended Tash Driving School and also showed me their testimonials, which was surprisingly filled with positive feedback’s. I was quick to have a look at their courses and fees. Dad was surely impressed to find out such affordable enrollment fees for a renowned driving school in U.K. Well, after a detailed discussion with office, I registered myself for the beginner driving course. I must say that I hadn’t expected such patient and effective teaching methods for a non driver like me. The trainer Sapna is probably the best and most experienced instructor in U.K. With his vast array of driving knowledge and teaching experiences, I got the perfect opportunity to nurture my skills and clear my doubts. Their course also includes doubt clearing sessions which according to me, is the most necessary one in all the institutions. In just a couple of months, I passed the  test successfully with the trainer’s guidance and got my hands on the license.
Currently, I am having a gala time enjoying long drives with friends after college and during the weekends. All thanks to Tash Driving School for their excellent teaching procedures.