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“The best drivers are aware that they must be beware.” And nurturing our students to be the best at their steering wheels has always been the aim of Tash Driving School. One of the most important things a new driver can invest in is professional driving lessons. 

One generally learns driving from friends or family or one maybe self-taught. Professional driving lessons will certainly provide the learner with skills and road ethics that will help them maintain road safety and acquire a driver’s license. These lessons are structured to meet the ends of the learner and it gradually helps the learner to build confidence on the road. It teaches more than just maneuvering the car. It builds patience and knowledge as a driver. These are important skills that are especially helpful on the busy streets of any country. A professional driving lesson is equipped with the latest laws that a learner needs to know about before driving on the roads along with optimum knowledge of road signs and operations of the vehicle. A professional would be more dedicated to teaching one than one would learn from learning by other means. A professional would observe and estimate one’s strength and drawbacks and prepare one to pass the driving tests as well as an ace to become a good and ethical driver on the road.

Beginners / Intermediate

This course is for people who have never driven before. As a beginner everyone is nervous and excited at the same time to start driving, the lessons take place in quiet areas or streets to build up your confidence and gradually will be taken to moderately busy to busy roads to improve your confidence, knowledge and experience to drive on UK roads. Intermediate and test standard learners course is for people who have taken some lessons and have reached a reasonable standard but are still quite weak in certain aspects of their driver training. These pupils will be assessed and their weaknesses strengthened according to their standard. And there are others who have reached their test standard but still require polishing up so to speak for the test by doing a test route drive and mock tests which are specially designed to assess and prepare the candidate for the final day of the test.

Refresher Lesson

This course is for people who have a valid driving licences but have not driven for a while and need to refresh their driving skills and get back behind the wheel and handle the vehicle confidently and safely

In this course you are taught the skills needed to drive on the motorway and countryside roads using the appropriate speeds and knowledge needed for safe driving.

PassPlus / Motorway

This course can only be taken after passing your Driving test, you will gain further skills on how to drive safely and efficiently on motorways, countryside roads, city driving, all weather driving and night driving. There are no exams or tests to be given at the end of the course; but you will receive a certificate at the end of this course which could entitle you to have an equivalent of a one years no claims bonus, which means you can get cheaper car insurance.

Motorway Driving 

In this course you are taught the skills needed to drive on the motorway and countryside roads using the appropriate speeds and knowledge needed for safe driving.